Digital Solutions for Smarter Airports

Use Buuuk's strategic design and innovative approach to transform your business into a highly advanced and profitable enterprise.

Digital Innovation Partner for Business Leaders

Buuuk’s contributions towards several prominent enterprises at Singapore’s Changi International Airport have led to improved communication and collaboration across teams, increased employee efficiency and saved hundred of hours in reporting building smart airports of the future.

We help organisations solve complex problems by building high-quality custom digital solutions.

  • Scoot
    Scoot Mobile
  • Airlines


    Automating and integrating workflows across teams

    Scoot Airlines is based out of Singapore, know for their low-cost travel solution. We are helping airlines in automating and integrating workflow across teams for improved data collection and reporting resulting in flawless operations and better customer service.

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    Schenker Mobile 2
  • Logistics

    DB Schenker

    Creating wearable health tracking solutions for Enterprises

    Logistics company DB Schenker is based in Germany, with a large warehouse and workforce in Singapore. We helped them create a digital solution to keep on top of their employees’ health and daily workload. We built a wearable solution that would electronically track their workforce, help with task management and well being, while integrating with their backend logistics tools.

  • Global Blue 3
    Global Blue Mobile 2
  • Retail

    Global Blue

    Making retail tax refunds easier at airports

    We developed an app that took the cumbersome process to apply for a tourist tax refund and digitally transformed it into a fast, easy and paperless program, encouraging more travellers to sign up to become loyalty members and increasing the volume of tax refunds.

Technology as an Enabler for Growth

Operational efficiency and customer experience are predicated greatly on the ability to automate processes and analyse data for better decision making.

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Techgrowth Illus 3 Mobile

Airport operations can achieve improved levels of profitability for all organisations that embrace technology innovation moving into the future.

Buuuk’s customized digital solutions offer key benefits such as:

  • Cost saving through automation of traditionally manned tasks
  • Increased efficiency & productivity
  • Smarter data analytics for superior decision making

Automating Processes is the Way of the Future

Whether its logistics, security, cargo, catering or any other part of the airport ecosystem, we can provide custom digital solutions that lower cost of operations, obtain deeper insights on performance and provide a better situational awareness of operations and workforce.

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    • Airlines
    • Retail
    • Security
    • Management
    • Logistics/Cargo
    • Catering

By identifying pain points, we are able to create fully customized solutions tailored to your needs, keeping your people in mind.

Excel in Operational Efficiency:

  • Icon Monitor 2

    Workforce Monitoring & Management

    Time-consuming tasks will be automated to dramatically reduce labor costs while simultaneously providing you with superior oversight and management tools, and faster notification and response to issues with real-time reporting.

  • Icon Solutions 3

    Digital Solutions for Mobile

    From assisting customers to internal processes, it can all be done on-the-go in one convenient system that anyone can use. This also means you and your team members can access the system from outside of the premises whenever you need to.

  • Icon Analysis 2

    Pushbutton Analytics for Data-Driven Decision Making

    Team members can gain quick access to and share key data on-demand. You can oversee all KPI’s with one convenient dashboard. A broad variety of metrics and analytics tools allow you to perform deep analysis in key areas with the tap of a finger.

Superior Customer Experience:

  • Icon Customize 3

    Customize & Personalize

    Use personal data properly to your advantage and boost ancillary revenue. With BI dashboards, you can always make the most of the data at hand.

  • Icon Customertech 2

    Customer-Facing Tech

    Customers appreciate the advantages that technology offers. Stay ahead of the curve with our customer-facing digital solutions.

  • Icon Loyalty 2

    Loyalty Programs

    Harness the value of personal data while rewarding your most valuable customers at the same time to strengthen the process on both ends.

We build everything with our clients

Our clients come to us with projects in various stages. Some are new ideas and some are projects that need improvements. At other times we get calls to discuss new concepts that might lead to new ideas.

Whatever the case, we start with a blank slate and develop the ideas with full client participation.

New Technologies Offering Airport Eco-System Strategic and Operational Benefits

By maximising the power of business-enabling technology, airport operations will benefit from a wealth of new opportunities designed to boost revenue, improve operational performance and enhance the overall customer experience.

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    Business Intelligence Solutions

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    Apps for Mobile Services

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    Self-Service Processes

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    Artificial Intelligence

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    Augmented Reality

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    Biometric ID Management