Powering Growth Across Industries

We create custom apps for enterprises clients across a wide range of industries to provide the best tech for their teams and customers.

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  • Automotive

    We help premium auto retailers automate their sales and post-sales process, we offer custom digital automotive solutions that make it easier for staff to sell cars and retain a loyal customer base after the sale is complete.

  • Automotive
  • Aviation

    To improve passenger satisfaction and airport operational efficiency, we work with industry leaders to build smart airport solutions custom-built to integrate multiple new technologies, including AI, IoT, video cloud, big data etc.

  • Aviation
  • Real Estate

    We build tailor-made solutions for Real Estate Developers and Property-stakeholders. Our work prioritizes a customer-first approach and highlights significant workflow improvement. See how digitization can level up your real-estate venture.

  • Real Estate
  • Healthcare

    Smart hospitals provide a perfect place for patients to heal and for staff to work. The integration of modern technologies in healthcare has led to an improvement in medical care and the empowerment of patients. We wish to contribute to building the smart hospitals of tomorrow.

  • Healthcare
  • Government

    Governments across the globe are feeling the pressure to meet citizen requests and improve stakeholder experiences. Remote access to critical information, like small business loans and unemployment claims, is so important today. Fast track digital government services with mobile apps to provide the best in class experience to all stakeholders.

  • Governance
  • Retail

    The retailers that win today are the ones that use technology to build those personal customer experiences and transform their digital retail experience. Trusted brands work with us to design and develop their digital retail experience.

  • Retail
  • Logistics & Supply Chain

    As e-commerce volumes soar, many logistics and parcel companies are leaning towards automation. A new logistics paradigm is emerging and custom-built operations technology is leading the way. The next industrial revolution is taking place as we speak with the help of apps, automation and smart systems.

  • Logistics

We build everything with our clients

Our clients come to us with projects in various stages. Some are new ideas and some are projects that need improvements. At other times we get calls to discuss new concepts that might lead to new ideas.

Whatever the case, we start with a blank slate and develop the ideas with full client participation.

  • We have been working with Buuuk since 2011. They are part of the reasons why many of Singapore Press Holdings marketing's digital executions are top-notch and unrivalled.

    Tan Ooi Boon Sq

    Mr Tan Ooi Boon

    Senior Vice President, The Straits Times
  • When our developer couldn’t deliver UX to our satisfaction, we looked out for another partner to support our project. Luckily we found Buuuk. They understood our demands and provided our app with amazing UX and UI, which have received fantastic feedback from the users across APAC.

    Philipp Schulze

    Mr Philipp Schulze

    Regional Marketing Manager, DAIMLER