Our Work

Our work spans a variety of verticals – including retail, real estate, construction, automotive, shipping, financial services and technology. We work with both B2B and B2C clients to provide custom solutions and support for digital products and services. The products we deliver range from consumer-facing and enterprise mobile applications and e-commerce platforms to workforce automation tools, reporting dashboards and content management systems.

As long as it’s an interesting problem to solve, we’ll take it on.


Bringing the Mercedes Benz experience to an app

Automating the sales process across markets and integrating traditional processes into a seamless and efficient platform.

  • Decathlon Case Study Buuuk

    Redefining Sports Retail Shopping Experience


    A global sports retailer with over 1,500 stores in 49 countries is putting a concentrated effort into integrating digital technology into all aspects of a company's operations. This includes using technology to improve in-store and online experiences. We helped developed Decathlon on a range of subject from integrating financial payment systems to automating conveyor belts for shipping online orders in their warehouses.
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    Quickly check & calculate time across timezones

    Buuuk Apps

    Taking advantage of the quick access notification center, we developed a widget that makes it easy to check & convert the time across different timezones. Quickly convert time by swiping down from anywhere, your phone doesn't even have to be unlocked.
  • Pay2 Home Thumbnail

    Quick and easy transfer of funds across boundaries


    Enabling thousands of workers in Asia to send money back to their families in countries across SEA. We developed apps that need to be highly secure out of the box so that people can trust the platform with your hard earned cash.
  • Ntuc cs

    Helping the largest union in the nation stay connected


    Working closely with NTUC since 2011, we've helped them with their flagship mobile apps — enabling them to evolve rapidly on the mobile platforms.
  • Sabana Jurong Case Study Card

    Custom ERP: A Game-Changer for Construction Business

    Sabana Jurong

    We tailored functionality that meets the specific needs of the construction business at Sabana Jurong. Building a custom ERP system for a construction business is a complex project that requires careful planning and execution. We divided the project into three phases with phase one being focused on design and workflows.

We build everything with our clients

Our clients come to us with projects in various stages. Some are new ideas and some are projects that need improvements. At other times we get calls to discuss new concepts that might lead to new ideas.

Whatever the case, we start with a blank slate and develop the ideas with full client participation.

Our Own Experiments

We spend a considerable amount of our time building our own products. A few of these have actually inspired clients to come up with solutions.

Here's a few we have published publicly:

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A free time zone convertor widget

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Routing info across all modes of public transport in Singapore