Augmented Reality for Your Business

To meet your business goals, it is important to provide a user-experience that not only allows you to retain your existing customer base but also helps in expanding the same. This is where Augmented Reality(AR) can make an immense contribution.

A well-timed technology, AR is picking pace vigorously. Be it gaming, navigation, education or healthcare, it has an immense value proposition across every field. It has created great many marketing opportunities even in the E-commerce sector by allowing the customers to visualize themselves in a product they are planning to purchase online.

Engage and capture the imagination of your users by providing an experience that will truly leave an indelible impression. This is the ideal time to leverage AR as it’s still a novel experience that is bound to offer the competitive edge that you need for your business.

Need help deciding if AR could help your business?

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The future of your business

  • Live Demos

    3D Building 1
    Presentation of a building model

    Augmented reality can make live demos a lot more effective & interesting by provising the best visualisation of your products.

  • Training & Productivity

    Ar Car Engine
    Car engine overlays to train mechanics

    Help your workforce level up by providing them the most contextual training tools ever.

  • e-Learning & Education

    Human Skeletal System Ar
    The human anatomy, show in life size models

    Immerse your customers in a visual reality that makes learning easy & fun.

  • Marketing & Entertainment

    Angel Ar
    AR games for entertainment & marketing

    Be it games, enhancing in store experiences or allowing customers to try your products before they even get to the store — AR opens up limitless opportunities for you.

We can help you figure out how AR can give you the edge over the competition.

Why Buuuk?

  • Experience

    Buuuk has over a decade of experience in designing and developing complete solutions for mobile platforms. We have launched more than a 100 iOS and Android Apps since our inception. Our highly skilled team has served several eminent clients in Singapore, such as Daimler, NTUC, SPH, Singtel, NEA and, Tupperware, in a wide-ranging capacity.

  • Reliability

    We truly understand your business requirements and provide optimal solutions to streamline the same. We deploy robust servers that furnish a stable and scalable backend. Further, to ensure that your data remains safe, we create apps that integrate well into existing systems.

  • Bespoke Designs

    At Buuuk, we lead with design! The aim is to create detailed, well-thought, striking, and user-centered designs that are in sync with the client’s aspirations. We understand that design plays a pivotal role in engaging prospective users and is critical to the success of any project.

  • Seamless Development

    Our certified team of developers builds custom web applications that are tailored to deliver a smooth user experience. We develop intuitive iOS and Android apps which are smart, scalable, and secure too.

Clients We Have Worked With

We have provided a broad spectrum of services to some great clients in Singapore.