How 5G is Going to Affect Mobile App Development?

App development August 19, 2020

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We are going to witness the global technology revolution with the onset of 5G cellular network technology. The excitement surrounding 5G isn’t only amongst the consumers, but also with developers, tech-driven firms, and carriers.

If the existing adoption and implementation trends continue, this ground-breaking technology is able enough to cover around 40% of the globe’s data by 2024. Simultaneously, there are theories that this technology might be accountable for almost 25% of mobile traffic data worldwide.

What is 5G?

5G or 5th generation mobile network is a global wireless standard. It isn’t a revised version of 4G; rather it’s an entirely new infrastructure.

It is enabling a novel kind of network that is intended to increase connections and interactions between practically everybody and everything together; including machines, articles, and devices. It is a unified and extended capable air interface.

5G network assures to vitalize mobile connectivity and bolster the smartphone experience for consumers by providing:

  • Lesser network interference and delays owing to its ultra-low-latency (up to 1-2 milliseconds).
  • Enthralling connectivity speeds of up to 10 Gbps (that’s 10x faster than the present wireless tech) which will ensure high-speed data transfers.
  • Amplified connection density. It can support up to 1 million connected devices in the same region.

Who is going to benefit from 5G?

Apart from users across the globe; enterprises associated with leading technologies (AR, VR, AI, robotics, mixed reality, etc.), a series of advanced devices and industries (manufacturing, logistics, automotive, etc.) are said to leverage the potential benefits of 5G. The advent of 5G will allow the launching of novel products and services by end-user industries, as well.

5G is believed to impact the end-product and services of various industries constructively. 5G’s intellectual connectivity will be a catalyst for socio-economic progress in the 4th Industrial Revolution with an anticipated $13.2 trillion of global economic value achieved by the year 2035.

Role of 5G in Mobile App Development

As per the Global 5G Services Market Report 2019, there will be nearly 10 million subscriptions for the 5G cellular network technology by the year 2024.

Certain noteworthy impacts of 5G on mobile app development are as follows:

  • Instantaneous Transfer of Files

You can expect streaming a 4K video or a 360-degrees video on the go with 5G.

The advanced 5G technology is expected to leverage the potential of EM (electromagnetic) waves for exchanging files/other types of data from one device to another. Traditionally, radio waves are brought underuse.

This potentially will serve as a great advantage as this will boost the overall speed of file transferring.

  • Upgraded Capacity

5G is boasting ultra-low-latency (of nearly 1 to 4 milliseconds) and exceptionally high data speed under optimum conditions. Thus, app developers can expect to place advanced specifications to the respective Virtual reality (VR), IoT (Internet of things), and Augmented reality (AR) applications.

The ultra-low-latency feature helps create a more personalized consumer experience. Revenues from the app are also supposed to increase at the same time, as user retention is also said to improve.

  • Apps Laden with Features

5G provides an added advantage of boosting app developers to heighten the overall app user interface (UI) to an inordinate extent. This implies that with 5G, you can look forward to forgetting lags or lack of necessary features owing to network issues.

So, when you are streaming a video with a 5G network, there’ll be an overall clarity to the UI providing you with an abundance of functionalities and features.

Gaming apps, for example, will require reduced buffering time, thus making experiences more immersive and responsive. Also, increased network speeds & better data handling capacity; will enable downloading gaming packages over a mobile network instead of the requirement for a Wi-Fi network.

  • AI chatbots and business bots

5G is expected to associate with AR/VR/AI/IoT. These are prominent technologies of our time. On association with 5G cellular networks, the capacities of existing technologies are said to increase manifolds.

5G is going to support controlled feedback delivery by users i.e., enabling the control of IoT in real-time. Presently, chatbots cannot surpass human abilities, but with 5G be ready to be blown away by the customized real-time feedback-generated experience within an instant.

In a Nutshell

The 5G wireless technology is projected to supply increased multi-Gbps peak data speeds (up to 20 Gbps), ultra-low-latency, enormous network capacity, amplified accessibility, and highly constant end-consumer experience to ever more users.

Thus, 5G is going to be a global revolution in the field of technology and thus, will positively impact mobile app development by increasing the multitude of functionality and specifications, and delivering richer user-experience. For businesses that translates into better user retention rates and app revenues in the upcoming years.

As 5G network launches accelerate, instances for an emergent marketplace for every industry, device, and software service obligatory to assist the data-intensive atmosphere of 5G will appear.

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