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  • A personalised home screen which highlights the most important information for users.
  • Continuous feed to provide a consolidated view of all the different sections where you can push featured content to users.
  • Latest updates will be highlighted on this page to keep users up-to-date with daily activity
  • Other sections on this page consist of Courses, Newsfeed, Events, Polls and more (Campaigns and Newsletters)
  • Courses

    • Featured courses will have reviews and ratings from users.
    • See friends who had already taken up this course.
  • Newsfeed

    • Posts by friends or trending/popular posts in the last hour can be promoted to showcase in the newsfeed.
  • Events

    • List of all the upcoming airport events.
    • See other friends who are attending the event.
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Customise your Poll

    • Receive quick feedback from your users by creating an opt-in poll.
    • Offer multiple choice pools. Cast your vote and view real time results.
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  • View event details in an easy and quick layout
  • View the line up of events from day to day
  • Users can indicate their interest or make an RSVP
  • See friends who are interested and are attending the event
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  • Browse Categories

    • Filter feed by predefined categories
    • Like and comment on your friend's posts
  • Feed Types

    • View status, thoughts and photo posts or polls made by your friends
    • Selected polls can be pushed to targeted users from CAG.
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  • Interface shows the completion rate of courses for user
  • Courses are listed and sorted by new or popularity
  • Each course will show the number of people who has taken the course
  • Users earn learning points completing a course, this will add to their user level as One Changi Member.
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A design direction with a dark user interface. The use of rounded forms and ample space highlights the depth of elements, thereby giving a feeling of real cards and controls.

Gradients are also used to add a splash of colour – bringing ones' attention to featured content.

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  • Recap Home Small
  • Recap Newsfeed Small
  • Recap Course Small
  • Recap Sidemenu Small
  • Recap Home Scrolled Small
  • Recap Events Small
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