Design Thinking for Collaborative Insights & Innovation

We help enterprises harness the power of design thinking to create better digital products and services, optimise internal processes, boost customer experience and gain insights for innovation.

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What is Design Thinking?

Design thinking is a problem solving approach that aims to improve people’s experiences. We use this methodology to address a wide range of challenges and bring innovation to multidisciplinary teams or organisations.

Our Approach

Harnessing collective wisdom

  • Collaborative

    We believe collaboration is a key tool in the design thinking process and the best outcomes are achieved when you have a multidisciplinary team solving a problem together.

  • Hands-on Practical

    For non-practitioners, the design thinking process and tools can be overwhelming. We simplify the process by engaging everyone in multiple fun activities which can be used in real-life projects.

  • User-Centric

    We understand that many people involved in the project may not come from a design background, and as such are able to help teams focus on the best outcomes for their users through the design process.

Design Thinking Tools & Methods

Participatory Innovation at work

Our team of designers and veteran technologists tackle complex challenges through human-centered design. We explore and use the right technology combinations to drive your digital transformation strategy and open up new opportunities for your business.

  • Card Sorting

    This simple exercise will help you identify what’s most important to the people you’re designing for.

  • User Interviews

    Quick and easy way to collect user data, especially in lead and agile environments. We use them to learn about users’ perceptions of your design, not about its usability.

  • Story Boards

    Communicate ideas through visual stories that showcase how they fit into your users’ lives. By visually plotting out elements of your product or service, you can learn a lot about your idea.

  • Customer Journey Maps

    A customer journey map allows you to identify and strategise for key moments in the product, experience, or service you’re designing.

  • Prototypes

    Rapid Prototyping is an incredibly effective way to make ideas tangible, to learn through making, and to quickly get key feedback from the people you’re designing for.

  • Real-Life Testing

    This involves generating unbiased user feedback as related to the prototypes you have developed, as well as gaining a deeper understanding of your users.

  • Co-Creation Session

    The people you’re designing for can tell you plenty, and they can show you more. Here’s how to further incorporate them into your design process.

  • Roadmap

    You’ll need a timeline and a plan of action to get your idea out into the world. A Roadmap keeps you on time and on target.

  • And many more...

    Our designers choose the best methods based on focused problems. These methods are aimed are maximising creativity, putting people at the center and solving complex problems.

  • Key Takeways

    • Generate new ideas with a human-centric approach
    • Use collaborative problem-solving tools or exercises which help to design better products, improve workflows and add value to customers.
    • Learn by doing. We help understand and dig deep into all stages of Design Thinking process i.e Empathise, Define, Prototype and Test
    • Learn to conduct effective user interviews and successfully translate the insights into affinity maps/patterns.
    • Gather user feedback through our hands-on session to evaluate and refine the solutions
    Tell Us About Your Project
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    Design Thinking to Re-Design Service Center Workflow

    Audi wanted to digitally transformation their service centers workflow across Singapore. Buuuk helped Audi team identify clear problem statements and focus areas to make the highest impact to their bottomline. This happened through weeks of discovery workshops held with Audi team, using different methods facilitated by Buuuk designers over a course of a month.The final result was a new, digitised work-flow system that was aimed directly at improving the efficiency of the Audi service team, resulting in cost saving, productivity and enhancing customer experience at Audi service centres.

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    Design Thinking for Digital Product Strategy

    Buuuk joined forces with Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) to present a one-day course on “Design Thinking for Digital Product Strategy"

    The workshop helped attendees to understand how to use design thinking as a tool to build product and customer service. Navjot from Buuuk facilitated the group through the subtleties of a customer journey map, a sequence map and specific instructions on how to build each of them in accordance with their specific business domain and product.

Our Partners

We partner with clients to serve them long term and be part of the success story.

  • Singtel
  • Daimler
  • NEA
  • SPH
  • Tupperware
  • Db Schenker
  • We have been working with Buuuk since 2011. They are part of the reasons why many of Singapore Press Holdings marketing's digital executions are top-notch and unrivalled.

    Tan Ooi Boon Sq

    Mr Tan Ooi Boon

    Senior Vice President, The Straits Times
  • When our developer couldn’t deliver UX to our satisfaction, we looked out for another partner to support our project. Luckily we found Buuuk. They understood our demands and provided our app with amazing UX and UI, which have received fantastic feedback from the users across APAC.

    Philipp Schulze

    Mr Philipp Schulze

    Regional Marketing Manager, DAIMLER