Accelerate Digital For Future-Ready Governance

Uncover the building blocks of change to become more anticipatory, citizen-centred, and future-ready government.

93% of Singaporeans use the internet daily & 75% use it on their smartphone via an app.

Furthermore, in this post pandemic era, citizens expect seamless digital interaction as a standard & making your office available on a mobile application is no longer optional.

  • Enhance Government Office Productivity

    Enhance Government Office Productivity

  • Citizen Oriented Apps

    Public Services with Citizen Oriented Apps

  • Technology Impact

    Leveraging Technology for Impact

Singapore Government agencies partner with us to build custom solutions that move them forward

Buuuk’s team of designers and developers have worked with several marquee brands to create mobile apps that customers love:

  • Ntuc cs

    Helping the largest union in the nation stay connected

    Working closely with NTUC since 2011, we've helped them with their flagship mobile apps — enabling them to evolve rapidly on mobile platforms.

  • My Env Thumbnail Final

    The most comprehensive weather portal for Singapore Govt.

    Creating the new version of the myENV app was an intense project from day 1. We knew we had to burn the midnight oil right from the beginning if we were to deliver an app we would be proud of.

  • Smrt featured image 2

    Delivering a world-class transport service moving Singapore forward

    Played a vital role in the growth and development of Singapore’s iconic multi-modal public transport operator and mass rapid transit system in its initial days.

Enhance Government Productivity With Enterprise-Focused Apps

Digital public services can help realise the vision of government officials & social scientists. Automation & digital infrastructure will lead to:

  • 24/7 Accessibility to Services

    24/7 Accessibility to Services

    Operational efficiency increases and makes it easy for consumers to interact and respond even during a pandemic.

  • Higher Productivity & Lower Costs

    Higher Productivity & Lower Costs

    Digital operations lead to 50% less time spent interacting with public administration and 50% lower costs for operations.

  • Automate Case Handling

    Automate Case Handling

    60% less case handling through automated processing. This also reduces data error significantly in administrative work.

  • Reduced Administrative duty in the back office

    Reduced Administrative Duty in the Back Office

    Enterprise apps allow workers to file their data and reports from the field reducing the additional time spent on back-office work. Using technology like AI + ML offices can spot trends and patterns to automate more tasks.

  • Enhance collaboration between public agencies

    Enhance Collaboration between Public Agencies

    Employees working on the same issue at different branches can use the same enterprise app to assist in “getting the information in real-time on the field” which can be helpful in emergency management and law enforcement

  • Increase job satisfaction amongst public servants

    Increase Job Satisfaction amongst Public Servants

    Greater ease of work, collaboration, providing precise information and seamless procedure, improves working conditions and increase the working quality of the public servants. A happy public servant will deliver good value to a happy citizen.

  • We build custom digital solutions for our partners

  • Across all levels of government, there has been a drive for more efficiency and greater transparency. Create a future-ready governance solution.


Enhance Public Services with Citizen-Oriented Apps

Beyond just fundamental public services, Government expects to connect with its citizen digitally on a daily life basis by focusing on the “Mobile comes first” approach to providing on-the-go services to the citizens

Ease Use

Improve the ease of use for citizens

Solving problems digitally is not enough but meeting the need at a faster speed through a streamlined and secured process is a new bar. Many government apps have improved user experience to provide faster and convenient usability.

Deliver Great Citizen Care

Deliver greater citizen care

When governments deliver services based on the needs of the people they serve, they can increase public satisfaction. Innovating a new app requires that the app is worth the use in the daily life of the citizen and not a fatigue app in the crowded list of government’s apps. Tasks like paying taxes, renewing driving licenses, and applying for benefits are often the most tangible interactions citizens have with their government. Services are therefore critical in shaping trust in and perceptions of the public sector.

Big Data

Use the power of “Big Data”

Capitalize on the use of big data, Artificial Intelligent (AI) and machine learning, which have been applied in a variety of public services from healthcare to education to public information, from fighting diseases to coordinating traffic and parking to digitizing backlogs of government documents. The application of big data enriches the data assets which help create a virtuous cycle to continuously improve digital infrastructure and services.

Tighten Connection

Tighten the connection among the stakeholders

Having a digital relationship with citizens that is anchored in a deeper understanding of their needs and aspirations will provide ready access to data and information to better measure the effectiveness of policies and interventions. As result, public offices can better design solutions to key challenges, coordinate across different agencies and respond as “One Government” to solve complex problems, more effectively and with less resources.


Accessing Online Services should be as easy as Online Ordering

  • In Singapore, 63% of all consumer goods are purchased online via mobile phones.

    Ease of access & advanced connectivity has led to this evolution. A singular platform with seamless integration can make accessing public services as easy as online shopping.

  • Singpass

Build the Public Services Your 
Citizens Need

In-depth research, user-focused design, robust development and regular updates are crucial for successful customer engagement apps. Our processes at Buuuk, developed over years of successful projects, are designed to ensure these very elements.

  • Legacy Systems

    Legacy Systems

  • Apps for Mobile Services

    Apps for Mobile Services

  • Process Automation

    Process Automation

  • AI + ML Capabilities

    AI + ML Capabilities

  • Internet of Things

    Internet of Things

  • Mobility Solutions

    Mobility Solutions