We're looking for volunteers to help us test beta versions of new projects.

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If you're reading this page, hopefully this means you're interested in volunteering some of your time to help us make better products — thanks!

What are we talking about?

Code breaks. Interfaces fail. Usability becomes an illusion. The most dreaded stage in creating a product is the "everything works" phase. We've done this for so long that we know the only way to get past this successfully is to get help. That's where you come in.

We need a bit of your time and trust to play around with development versions (not released to the public, alpha/beta versions) of our projects. In return, you'll get to play with our new experiments — some people are into that sort of stuff ;)

Before you sign up for this though, there are a few important things that you should be aware of:

  • CAUTION: Please proceed only if you are aware of the risks associated with testing unfinished apps.
  • Tracking: Please be aware that we will be tracking crashes & usage — this is quite important in the testing phase.
  • Privacy: As you might be testing experimental versions of products, we may (in a lot of cases) be able to see your personal details that you enter into the software. So please don't share any private information. We will remind you about this again when you start testing.
  • Data: We might share anonymised testing data publicly and/or with clients.
  • There is no NDA here by default. We are placing our trust in you to keep things under wraps until we are ready to release them. However there may be cases where you may be required to sign an NDA for certain projects — you can obviously opt out of testing those projects.

Again, thanks for helping us out here!
— The Buuuk Team

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Some photos from past Usability Testing sessions

  • Img 4863
    Xinyi, one of our designers, testing the setup before a testing session
  • Img 4853
    A testing session underway for NEA - one of our clients
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    Just before beginning a session in our office
  • Img 4877
    A week of testing …

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