Our Approach is

Design Led.

Lead your products with Design.
Ask hard questions. Set goals. Not features.

We think Users - Usability - Engagement

Our Design Process

Our process is designed to first ask Why, not How, we’ll deliver the goods.


    Set the right foundation

    • Team Thinking - Set goals, metrics, audit competition
    • Personas - Define who we are targeting, create personas
    • Research - Interview users, further refine the personas

    Explore different directions

    Ideation- Based on research with client team
    Storyboard - Customer journey mapping & service blueprinting
    Prototyping + Testing - Design prototypes to test with real users


    Plan to develop the best idea(s)

    • Develop a roadmap based on the ideas discussed. From this roadmap, a plan is created to execute the best ideas in timed phases.
Design Process


Polished Interface Design

  • Design Build - Create UI mockups
  • Implement Branding - Apply client brand & style guide
  • Design System
  • Content - Plan & scope content production req & timelines with the client team

Our design process is iterative, contextual, intentional and personal to your brand. Our focus is to make products which are seamless and human.


Xinyi Wong

Senior Designer

Adaptive Agile Methodology

We employ a work style that is optimised for each phase of a project.

Design Dev
  • Development

    • Bi weekly sprints
    • Test builds provided every Friday
    • Feedback gathered latest by the following Wednesday
    • Actively managing sprint timelines with a cloud hosted
    • JIRA & Confluence used to manage the project
  • Testing & UAT

    • Regular Testing after every significant build
    • All Test Scripts provided to the client

  • Others

    • Updated roadmap available to the client
    • Weekly status email every Friday by the Project Co-ordinator

Our team of developers are passionate people designing and developing efficient, effective and enjoyable-to-use solutions



Director Development

Our Tech Stack

Like the foundation for a house, the order in which a stack is built matters to your business.

  • iOS & Android

    • Native code (Objective–C & Swift and Java)
    • Xcode and Android Studio
    • Crash & Error logging: HockeyApp SDK
    • Analytics: Flurry/Google
  • Backend

    • Go
    • Ruby
    • Amazon AWS: EC2, Lambda, S3, Elastic Cache, RDS
    • Microsoft Azure
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  • Web

    • Custom Web front end
    • HTML
    • Javascript
    • CSS (SASS)
    • React
    • Redux
    • Vector graphics (SVG)
    • Analytics: Flurry/Google
  • Server API’s

    • Rest API’s
    • JSON
    • Authentication - OAuth, Facebook, Google etc