The Design Sprint

A fast tracked, 1 week long programme in which the Buuuk team collaborates with other product teams to help them discover & test solutions to their product problems.

Most effective at …

  • Kick starting a new project
  • Improving an existing feature
  • Discovering new features & updates
  • Fixing user experience related problems
  • Day 1: Kick off

    • Brief everyone on the goals of the programme
    • Talk in detail about the project intent, target audience & create 2-3 user personas
    • Presentations: pre researched presentations by the product team & Buuuk
  • Day 2: Ideation

    • Sketch basic user stories & journeys (flow charts)
    • Discuss potential solutions & shortlist the main ones to test
    • Create high level wireframes for the main module
    • Review wireframes & tweak if needed
  • Day 3: Prototyping

    • Buuuk team will prepare high fidelity prototypes of the main flows for 3 solutions
  • Day 4: User Testing

    • Buuuk team test the prototypes with real people. The sessions can be recorded if feasible
  • Day 5: Analysis & Wrap-up

    • Buuuk team will present a quick analysis of the testing
    • Converge on 1 idea and set direction for the product UI creation
    • Use time left to create a few sample design elements if possible

The setup

  • 2 designers from Buuuk + …
  • … all stakeholders who have control over product direction
  • The problems & ideas come from the client
  • Recommended team size 5—10 (we encourage tech team members to be present as well)
  • End deliverables are tested ideas & UX. There is no UI deliverable in this sprint.
  • We recommend a 1 day pre-sprint prep (we will give guidance for the prep)