Taking Scoot’s digital transformation journey to new heights

Scoot’s Cabin Assist App saves its cabin crew time, effort, and takes the airline further in its digitalisation plan.

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    iOS App Design & Development, Market Research, Product Design & User Testing

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    2017 – 2020

As passengers on Scoot flight TR898 to Narita settle down to their mid-air meals and inflight shopping, the usual paperwork turbulence in the galley is starkly missing. A crew member taps on his iPad mini, and even before touchdown, has wrapped up his post-flight report.

With Scoot’s Cabin Assist App, developed by design and innovation consultancy Buuuk in 2018, real-time exchange rates are at his fingertips.

Technology at work

  • No More Forms

    No more forms

    .. or reconciling cash and credit card purchases for meals and duty-free items in multiple currencies.

  • Instant Reporting

    Instant reporting

    Incidents and feedback are also logged on the spot.

  • Maximised Efficiency

    Maximised efficiency

    It saves Scoot a ton of paperwork – and moves the needle on its digitalisation plans.

Productivity & Cost Saving

By filing the necessary documents digitally while still on a flight instead of waiting until after returning to Singapore, Scoot saves:

  • 2,625

  • 31,500


Data Is King 1

Data is king

Ensuring more timely data

Filing documents digitally during the flight, instead of doing it manually, reduces the odds of reporting errors or lost data. The cost of operations also goes down, while productivity goes up. Scoot flies to 63 destinations across 15 countries and territories.

Operations Productivity Graph

Building accuracy

Accurate and timely data are important for Scoot’s digital transformation, of which Buuuk is now an integral part. There are a number of apps in the works, including those that will help the airline centralise information and manage aspects of its operations.

The original idea for the Cabin Assist App came from a group of Singapore Management University interns. But making it a reality required more than just building out the app at the right price.

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    Flight Information
    Cabin crew can easily access flight information from a list of upcoming, past and archive trips.

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    Flight Reports
    Complete flight report offline and sync information post-flight.

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    Flight-Report Submissions
    Cabin crew can facilitate their workflow by submitting reports through the app.

Buuuk Expertise

In Buuuk, Scoot found a wingman that could not only make the app workable, but that also understood its business and operational challenges.

Scootxx Buuuk

Buuuk pointed out gaps and fielded suggestions suited to a smaller organisation with the need for greater flexibility. In under two months, the app was designed and tested, and ready to take flight, thanks to Buuuk’s strength in iOS development and mobile, as well as its ability to make recommendations that elevate performance levels and reduce latency or server issues.

Scoot and Buuuk also proved to be a match in terms of nimbleness and speed, with Buuuk functioning like an in-house partner, rather than an external vendor. It meant being able to exceed expectations.

We work lean. There are no unnecessary positions, and we don’t create long reports just to prove we did the work. There are short meetings, we put the right plans in place, and then we deliver.


Samuel Chandra

Head of Development

Agile Development

For Buuuk’s team, Scoot has proven to be the perfect client.

– one that knows what it wants, makes decisions quickly, and that understands the need to “iterate fast and often”, allowing the team to get a version going and then refine it, says Samuel Chandra, then-lead on the Scoot account.

“We work lean. There are no unnecessary positions, and we don’t create long reports just to prove we did the work. There are short meetings, we put the right plans in place, and then we deliver,” he says.

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It makes for a match in working styles. “Some companies claim to be agile but are actually process heavy. Scoot is truly agile. They want speed, and they know how to move to support that in terms of both resources and expectations. It helps us get the job done – on time and well.”

The Buuuk-Scoot partnership could soon include projects that involve AI and machine learning, taking Scoot’s digital journey to new heights.