Bringing a better loyalty experience to shoppers with V-AAP

We created a digital solution for a new business venture into a traditional retail space, capturing the loyalty of shoppers with a digital voucher program.

The eVoucher program allowed the client to go paperless and also offer more flexibility to the customers. They no longer needed to hold on to vouchers or keep track of points earned.

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    Design & Development for iOS & Android Apps

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    2016 – 2017


V-AAP (Vouchers Always A Pleasure) was a company created by ex-CapitaStar employees working in the digital retail space.

  • The popularity of shopping vouchers in Singapore has been closely tied to the “Ang Pao” tradition of giving red packets filled with money for Chinese New Year celebrations. The slow and manual process of delivering and redeeming these paper vouchers opened up an opportunity for V-AAP to digitally transform the space and introduce a system which was easier and more efficient for customers to use, provide more savings for shoppers, and develop loyal customers.

  • V-AAP decided to create a customer-facing app that would give customers a paperless way to use shopping vouchers. The app would be used on its own, or in conjunction with a merchant-specific app.

    Buuuk was engaged to design and develop a brand new platform and the two apps, as well as to assist with creating a branding strategy.

The V-AAP team wanted to create an app that would remove the need for traditional paper vouchers for retailers and, as a result, build a strong customer base.

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Navjot Pawera


Improving upon an old but successful business

The existing paper voucher system had many flaws which V-AAP wanted to fix with the new digital, paperless system.

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  • The resulting apps improved the customer experience and voucher redemption due to a number of reasons:

    1. eVouchers can’t be lost.
    2. eVouchers can be purchased from any location and at any time of day.
    3. In-app reminders are given for expiry dates.
    4. Customers can gift them to other people online through the app.
    5. Businesses can purchase and send vouchers out in large quantities to their employees.
    6. Multiple denomination vouchers are easy to create for each merchant.
    7. It’s easy to track and validate vouchers.

The new consumer-facing app featured a “digital wallet” where shoppers could access their vouchers, a virtual “ecard” with a barcode and QR code, see loyalty points accrued, and buy, redeem or send vouchers.

A merchant app was developed in conjunction with the consumer-facing app and placed at Merchant Kiosks in stores for customers to scan their app. Consumers could choose to scan their app at the kiosk or with staff at the point of sale to redeem vouchers.

Merchant Scanning5
The merchant app scanning a QR code from the consumer's app to redeem vouchers

Branding a breed of vouchers

Incidentally, the concept that the team chose was one of the first ones that we came up with.

Vaap Logo Exploration1
The idea was a simple V folding out to reveal layers — like traditional vouchers folded into a wallet.
Vaap Logo Guide
  • Typescale Open Sans
  • Type

    Again, we didn’t want to draw attention to the typeface as the center-stage needed to be with the vouchers. After playing around with the idea of system fonts on the different platforms, we went with OpenSans — to maintain consistency across the various channels.


    We chose a colour palette that could let the vouchers & the associated brands stand out. A muted colour palette that still looking vibrant when the various shades were put together.

Wireframing + Exploration

Buuuk managed the creation of the two apps from the design phase through requirement gathering, wireframing, prototyping and backend development, to the deployment of apps for both iOS and Android platforms.

Img 7088 Cropped
Our designer and developers coming together to review the app designs
  • Design Ecommerce Colour


    The consumer-facing app integrated with the DBS payment gateway for seamless, secure transactions.

  • Design Promotions Colour


    A “discover” feature shared nearby merchants’ most recent promotions with the customer to encourage further shopping, with a click on the voucher bringing up the entire range of promotions on offer.

  • Design Loyalty Colour


    Points for purchases made collected in the app for future redemption for cash and special offers. Customers could use the QR code on the ecard to redeem loyalty points in stores or vouchers online.

  • Design Paperless Colour

    Paperless vouchers

    This new digital system cut out the need for paper vouchers entirely, while still maintaining the spirit of giving and receiving “Ang Pao” gifts.

  • Design Merchant Colour

    Merchant Listing

    Listing the merchants featured in the app assisted shoppers in finding retailers nearby, with a handy map showing retailer locations and contact information to make calls directly through the app.

  • Design 3Localisation Colour 4

    Localisation across 3 regions

    The apps were released in English and Chinese, as well as Burmese for the app released in Myanmar

Vaap Wireframe2
Wireframes done for V-AAP consumer app


Buuuk designed the entire voucher process from initial purchase to redemption at the merchant.

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EVouchers provided the perfect solution to removing paper from the process. With a new, efficient and seamless process, customers were encouraged to shop more with the merchants advertised in the app, and both V-AAP and retail merchants saw an increase in sales.

Studio Session 073
Vouchers advertised by merchants in the V-AAP app

The 'gifting vouchers' section of the app made it easy for customers to buy and send vouchers, just like handing over a paper Ang Pao. The similarity in the process to the familiar custom made it a favourite feature and encouraged the sale of gift vouchers.

Studio Session 150
Digital vouchers to replace traditional Ang Paos

An additional feature was later added to include car parking vouchers, which connected with ERP cash cards and could be used in car parking lots.

The Results

A timely launch

After a successful pilot in the Singapore Central District, the app was launched island-wide. This was soon followed by collaborations with mall owners to get retailers on board.

Beyond Singapore

Quickly after the initial launch, the platform partnered with Malls beyond Singapore. We created brand-specific apps for use under the Great Wall Mall City brand in Singapore and then again for Junction Malls in Myanmar.

Studio Session 097 3
The App translated and skinned for 3 market segments