New Years Resolutions

Events February 3, 2016

New year 2016

It’s the New Year (and soon the Chinese New Year!) and time for a little self-reflection and to set goals for the months to come. Here are some of buUuk’s New Years resolutions.

Paul got a bit philosophical when I asked him about his resolutions. He wants to travel more this year, to places which awaken him. Biking around New Zealand would be a perfect trip, but that might not happen this year. He’d also like to be more patient and gracious – all wonderful qualities to aspire to.

Xin Yi would like to finally get her driving licence this year. After almost finishing her lessons, her school shifted it’s operations to Woodlands, and she’s never made her way up there. This has been going on for 3 years already, so hopefully 2016 is the year!

Driving kit 800x600
Tricky tests these driving theory tests!

Nav hasn’t really made any specific resolutions but he said “I’d like to look back on the year and know that I read enough, travelled at least as much as I have been over the years, cooked more, followed a morning routine more regularly, created more interesting stuff, been a better & more dependable person to spend time with”. Very happy to test out any culinary creations, Nav!

IMG 0989 600x800
Could this gift be key to Nav achieving his goal of cooking more often?!

Licco really wants to learn to play the guitar this year, and sing along to whatever he’s playing. He also wants to do more sports – swimming, badminton, or going to the gym – as he think’s we are all probably spending too much time in front of a computer, and wants to get stronger. On a professional note, he’d love to develop some more apps or a game this year, and get it published on the App Store – we believe in you Licco, let’s do it!

Diana has a ton of New Years resolutions (love the ambition, D!). These include things like ending the day with a smile, no matter what; cooking dinner at home more often; giving back to the community; travelling to new places; taking more chances; and wearing a little sparkle every day. Love these resolutions and the Instagram post!

D new year resolutions 690x800
Diana’s Instagram post to welcome 2016

And me? I’d like to learn how to do a ‘proper’ push up this year. I started on the path to this last year, but I’d really like to achieve it in 2016. It’s a more tangible way of achieving my usual ‘get fit’ goal. I’d also like to see more live music, particularly going to see more orchestral stuff, having rediscovered how much I enjoy classical music, after getting back into playing the piano in 2015.

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