Design and Develop

We do all that it takes to build complete solutions for our partners. In short, this covers discovery workshop to reach a problem statement, insight gathering, design system, app development & server side development. In practice, it also includes a lot of user research, learnings from our experiences & a highly skilled team.

Detailed Design


Every project at Buuuk is led by a focus on design. It starts with thorough research and careful attention to detail. The key to delivering a memorable digital solution is to present unique & innovative solutions in a likeable and usable interface.We understand this and that is why, the project design lead is present in every client meeting. More on Design

  • User Experience

    Did you know we have our own community of helpers who help us with research and user experience testing?

  • User Interface

    UI design, animation prototyping and icon design is what we're really good at. It's not the only thing we're really good at though.

  • Research

    We work off assumptions and then spend a considerable amount of time verify these. This means market research and extensive testing with real people.

Expert Development


We've been making apps since the launch of the iPhone. We have the experience to deliver a robust product whenever we take on a project.

In addition to developing holistic digital experiences, each project requires a stable & scalable server backend. We draw on our extensive experience of deploying robust servers & integrating with existing setups to deliver the best. More on Development

  • iOS

    We've been developing iOS apps since 2008. Those who've been paying attention, that's when Apple opened the platform for development.

  • Android

    Our first Android app was published in 2009. Since then we've published over a 100 Android apps for phones, tablets and wearables.

System Integration & Beyond


We focus on mobile. Only native mobile at that — so that we can be really damn good at it. This includes all the major platforms & also any other quirky systems you might might across. We draw on our extensive experience of deploying robust servers & integrating with existing setups to deliver the best.

A team to be proud of

We're a growing team of designers, developers and geeks — all working out of Singapore. We work very intimately with our clients to help them create the best solutions for hard problems.