A Day in the Life: Paul Yeoh

Events April 25, 2016


Next up in our A Day in the Life series, we turn to Paul Yeoh. Paul is buUuk’s back-end developer, and resident cycling geek.

Date: 8 April 2016

07.29 – Smash cockroach.

07.30 – Make my breakfast. Watch my cats being fed. Heat up my lunch.

08.53 – Get to my local post office, to pick up a delivery that I missed.

IMG 0010 800x600
Paul on his trusty bike

09.26 – Reach the buUuk office, shower, and get changed, ready to start the working day.

09.41 – Fire up Slack, Spotify, Asana, Gmail and iTerm, before settling into some sever code. Ahhhh.

IMG 0011 800x600
Ahh…server code

12.00 – First sip of my lunch.

13.52 – Try to figure out the UUIDs (Universally Unique Identifiers) on some iBeacons, tricky when there are so many in the office.

14.00 – Bi-weekly team meeting, in the grand meeting room.

15.05Terminate 5 EC2 instances after consolidating apps in Docker all afternoon. Hooray!

18.00 – Change my clothes, and get back on my trusty bike to head home.

18.45Come home to wife and cats. She is on FaceTime with her best friend in London. She is keen to show her the state in which I arrive. We then make dinner – Pad Kra Pao, steamed broccoli and some of yesterday’s chicken stew.

19.30 – Dinner time! In addition to my dinner, I’m also having a single malt called The Dalmore: 15 year. It is deeply flavourful.

IMG 0014 800x600
Dinner time! Spot the scotch…

21.00 – Bus out to The Daily Scoop at Holland Village for ice cream. I have Macadamia flavour in a choco peanut cone, my wife has Maple Crisp. They are both good. Ice cream….mmm.

IMG 0016 800x600
Who doesn’t love ice cream?!

21.51Mohan tells me that I’ve messed up something with buUuk website – I fix it.

22.30 – Get ready for bed.

Thanks for sharing your day with us Paul!

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