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Culture December 4, 2018

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Our β€˜A Day in the Life’ series continues with Truong, our Vietnam Country Lead – a father of one πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§ – a basketball player πŸ€ (in the past :D) – a pro angler 🎣 (present)… We catch up with Truong on one of his working days from our Saigon office.

Date: 27 November 2018

07:00 – Wake up (after snoozing the timer multiple times πŸ˜…)

07:30 – Send Bella to school

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IMG 2469 e1543388529608 600x800

After typhoon, the road was full of water…

07:55 – Drop Bella at the school.

IMG 5300 800x600

08:10 – Adding energy for a working day.

IMG 9810 800x600

Dry minced meat noddle – my favourite choice for breakfast (besides bΓ‘nh mΓ¬ & rich-milk coffee)

08:30 – Send my wife to her work place & heading to office after that.

P 20181127 085451 800x400

After 🌧️ comes β˜€οΈ!!!

09:00 – Reach the office & order my coffee.

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IMG 4633 400x400
IMG 9701 e1543390281845 600x800

On the way, I met Thang – our Android expert. He looked very happy after the trip back to his hometown πŸ˜„

P 20181127 163507 800x400

There is an event today Facebook Blueprint Examination – whatever it is, examination is never fun!!! πŸ˜€

09:15 – Workday begins.

IMG 0338 800x600

Photo taking has to be 🚫 here because I need to focus on my work 😎

12:00 – Lunch time!!!

P 20181127 123347 800x400

The fun never ends with these guys.

14:50 – Find a quite & comfort place to focus on some admin stuff.

P 20181127 145020 800x600
P 20181127 144926 800x451
P 20181127 163737 800x400

It is just in front of the office 😁

P 20181127 150023 600x800

Oh, it is Angela Meditation πŸ™ with free entrance!

Toong, the co-working space where our office is located, always have some activities on every Tuesday & Friday. Below is just another event organised by Toong

[videojs mp4=”https://buuuk.com/blogwp-content/uploads/2018/11/IMG_0266.mov” width=”375β€³ height=”667β€³]
From pager to money magic trick!!
Note: it is only applied to the girl (as in the video) πŸ˜…

15:30 – Have a walk & tea break

P 20181127 105253 800x400

Loving the greenery around the office!

P 20181127 162644 400x400
P 20181127 162948 400x400
P 20181127 163123 400x400

Found a street vendor selling fruit juice – It took 2 oranges to make this glass of orange juice… for just $1, nice!!!

17:00 – Wrap up my work for a day

17:15 – Heading home

IMG 9269 800x600
IMG 1675 800x600
IMG 9684 800x600

Sigh… traffic!

Hint: to avoid the traffic, either take the shortcut (if you also like to explore the city :D) or not to get on the road during rush hour (8-9am in the morning & 5.30-6.30pm in the evening)

18:11 – Reach home & it’s time for dinner!!

IMG 5700 800x600

My meal at home always has a lot of veggies. So don’t ask me why I am so skinny πŸ˜€

Now, let me show you how to wrap a spring roll

IMG 5542 e1543396195583 400x400
IMG 6543 e1543396205314 400x400

Basically, just put any food you like on top of the wet rice paper, wrap it & dip into sweet & sour source -> Enjoy!!


Last but not least

Truong Business Card Back

This photo is what I want to say after all πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading!

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Truong is our Vietnam Country lead. He loves basketball & sport fishing :)