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Design App development April 2, 2018

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We can brag all day about the apps projects we’ve built and the apps we’ve created but we know that designing good apps doesn’t happen by a team alone. To create products that people will like and use, you need to watch people use your products and listen to their feedback — and then tweak to improve.

Around 3 years ago, we started a volunteer group to help us test our apps. This group has been incredibly helpful and we’ve gone through user testing for a fair number of client projects. This has helped us learn about the problems even before the products hit the market — hence helping us fix them in time.

Our group has grown to 50, but we always need more volunteers — a bigger group means we have a more diverse pool of volunteers. Would you help us test our new unreleased apps?

Please sign up here

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Nav leads design at buUuk. This mostly means making sure that we’re asking the right questions and lots of them. Also, he tries to stay out of the design teams way.

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