Enterprise Mobility Solutions

End-to-end digital applications designed to automate processes and deliver one-stop access to strategic information and assets

High-touch, effort-intensive enterprise operations that depend on static assets are holding you back. Enterprise mobility solutions are what you need to transform your operations and make them accessible anytime, anywhere.

At Buuuk, we specialise in creating end-to-end enterprise mobility applications that enable:

  • 01 Smarter Business Decisions

    Smarter Business Decisions

    with your data and systems available to your team on-the-go

  • 02 Higher Productivity

    Higher productivity

    with digitized and automated processes across your business

  • 03 Higher ROI

    Higher ROI

    with cost-saving opportunities unlocked with efficient and optimized processes.

Deploy the Solutions Your Business Needs

Identify enterprise operations that are significant cost-centers for your business and ripe for optimization. At Buuuk, we work with enterprises to build enterprise mobility solutions across a wide range of use cases.


Automate and Optimize Operations



Create efficient processes that eliminate manual task management. Automate, enabling staff to dedicate their time to higher-value tasks.

Sales Tracking Automation

Sales Tracking & Automation

Get better business insights into the effectiveness of sales processes through the visibility of transaction and pipeline information.


Empower Strategic Decision Making

Collaborative Business Intelligence

Collaborative Business Intelligence

Leverage seamlessly flowing data from multiple teams, geographies, and integrated systems to drive data-driven decision-making.

Workforce Analytics

Workforce Analytics

Get real-time visibility into the workforce operations along with faster response times to emerging challenges.

Management Dashboards

Management Dashboards

Gain visibility into the complete business picture and monitor all relevant KPIs in a single dashboard.


Effectively Track and Manage Operations

Project Management Tracking

Project Management & Tracking

Effectively manage projects every step of the way and ensure your initiatives are fulfilled within specific scope and budget.

Project Management Tracking 1

Task Management & Tracking

Monitor efficiency and progress at an organisational level with easy-to-use and always-connected task tracking tools to your workforce.

Facility Management

Facility Management

Reduce operation costs with real-time reporting for on-site teams via applications designed to deliver transparency and track workforce performance.

What Successful Enterprise Mobility Solutions Look Like

Buuuk’s team of designers and developers have worked with several marquee brands to craft end-to-end enterprise mobility solutions.


    Transforming the In-store Experience with a Sales Application

    Customer and product information from 12 different backend systems, integrated into 1 single digital application. This allows sales reps to focus more on the customer experience and less on looking through files.


    Wearable Tech to Help Track Employee Health and Task Management

    A digital application for DB Schenkers’ warehouse workforce - designed to track tasks, manage workload, and promote healthy work practices. The wearable application enabled real-time visibility into employee well-being for DB Schenker.


    Mobile Digital Solution for Workforce Monitoring and Assistance

    Replacing paper progress sheets, an end-to-end digital solution that enabled Capital Group to monitor their workforce in the field, and track progress and issues in real-time.

We Deliver To All Client Needs

As part of our custom digital solutions, we work closely with brands to realign their existing service models. The result is a close-knit partnership, focussed on designing the best possible future for our clients’ businesses.

Modernize and Optimize Your Enterprise Operations

Every project starts with a chat. Joven leads our client conversations and will be happy to discuss your project. He will also pull in the right people from the team when needed.