A Day in the Life: Siddhant Chaudhary

Events November 10, 2018


Our ‘A Day in the Life’ series continues with Siddhant, our brand manager who likes to experiment and engage in a range of activities from long-boarding to meditation to organizing events. We catch up with Sid on his India trip in Goa.

Date: 2 November 2018

07:29 – Wake up and push Ishaan off the bed

07: 35 -The morning view is just wow

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07: 45 – Early morning Yoga class with friends lead by our fitness expert Nimrat Batth

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08:50 – A little pool time to cool down after the workout

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10:10 – Morning breakfast and workday begins

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12:14 – Looked up only to find friends have become social media zombies 😛

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14:24 – Dialing in from India for the All Company Meeting. Singapore team’s sound was terrible but Vietnam sounded perfect. Hotspoting ftw

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15: 44 – Hiding myself from friends to focus and kill off some important tasks on my list and make it a productive day

17:45 – Our circle ritual where everyone shares their dream project and friends offer wisdom

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18:34 – There is light at the end of the tunnel. Well deserved pool session to make the most of the sunset

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20:40 – Enjoy the last dinner with the group at the beautiful villa in Goa with some good old candlelight feels.

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05:34 – Catching a flight Goa to Chandigarh (hometown) to make it in time for Diwali with family. Making the most of the travel time to get some work done.

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Sid is our Insight and Communications lead. He likes to consider himself as a chaos manager. When not found at his desk, Sid is usually away working remotely or outside longboarding in the parking lot.

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