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40% of CEOs have digital transformation at the very top of their boardroom agenda. Do you?

Digital transformation is the edge needed in world of fast-paced technology where the only way to keep ahead is to harness the latest technologies to serve your business. The bespoke solution offered by a digital transformation is an opportunity for businesses to bring about a radical shift to existing operations.

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A digital transformation is about more than just throwing out the paper.

It means creating digital processes that give more visibility across teams, live updates and instant tracking. The result - time and cost savings, and the ability to make smarter business decisions.

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    Daimler 2
  • Automotive


    Automating the sales process across markets in APAC

    A project spanning the Daimler sales force across major markets — Australia, Japan, Korea & Thailand. We've been helping Daimler design a digitized workflow that is aimed directly at improving the efficiency, resulting in a direct increase in sales and productivity.

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  • Logistics

    DB Schenker

    Creating wearable health tracking solutions for Enterprises

    Logistics company DB Schenker is based in Germany, with a large warehouse and workforce in Singapore. We helped them create a digital solution to keep on top of their employees’ health and daily workload via a wearable device that would electronically track their workforce, help with task management and well being, while integrating with their backend logistics tools.

  • Construction
  • Construction

    CapitaLand Group

    Real-time workforce monitoring and handling issues across multiple sites

    Capital Group build and run their own shopping malls across Singapore and China. We created an end-to-end digital solution that enabled Capital Group to monitor their workforce and track progress and issues in real time on construction sites and within working retail malls throughout Singapore.We helped them replace paper progress sheets with an app that enabled the blue collar workforce to report back to management instantly.

We Transform Businesses To Grow

For many businesses digital transformation mean transforming manual paper-based processes into digital ones that automate old systems and improve productivity. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what a digital transformation can achieve for your business.

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    Workflow Automation

    Create efficient processes that eliminate manual task management. Automate, enabling staff to dedicate their time to higher-value tasks.

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    Sales Tracking & Automation

    Better business insights into the effectiveness of sales processes through the visibility of transaction and pipeline information.

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    Collaborative Business Intelligence

    Data needs to go places where communication flows. Use data and insights across multiple teams and geographies including social and integrated systems to support improved data-driven decision making.

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    Workforce Analytics

    An advanced set of data analysis tools and metrics will help you make better business decisions.

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    Management Dashboards

    Gain visibility into the complete business picture in the single dashboard. Monitor all key performance indicators for a project in the one place.

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    Issue Reporting & Handling

    A quicker response time to issues through real-time reporting tools with

  • Dt Icons Project Management Tracking Resized

    Project Management & Tracking

    A collaborative approach to designing and managing the new digital process. Help you to effectively manage projects every step of the way and ensure your initiatives are fulfilled within specific scope and budget.

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    Task Management & Tracking

    Monitor efficiency and progress at an organisational level. Provide easy-to-use and always connected task tracking tools to your workforce.

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    Facility Management

    Keep staff on task with digital reporting tools, designed to deliver transparency and track workforce performance. Cutting the time between actions completed and reports delivered cuts costs as well as saving time.

All Industries can benefit from Digital Transformation

Buuuk can help transform your business radically with its strong focus on customer service design. We use agile end-to-end solutions and workflow automation technologies to deliver delightful experiences for your customers.

Digital transformation is rapidly shifting, from being a driver of marginal efficiency to an enabler of fundamental innovation and disruption.

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We have the necessary experience and skill to walk you through this process.

Here are some industries we have impacted through our work...

We Deliver To All Client Needs

As part of our custom digital solutions, we work closely with brands to realign their existing service models. The result is a close-knit partnership, focussed on designing the best possible future for our clients’ businesses.

When our offshore developer couldn’t deliver UX to our satisfaction, we looked out for a supplier in Singapore to support our project. Luckily we found Buuuk. They understood our demands and provided our app with amazing UX and UI, which have received fantastic feedback from the users across APAC.

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Regional Marketing Manager, Daimler

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