An Intern’s Story: Duncan Leo

Events January 21, 2016


We heard from Kee Yen and Jurvis about their internship experiences, and now it’s the time of Duncan Leo! Duncan interned with us back in late 2015.

Hey Duncan! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi, my name is Duncan Leo and I was 18 when I first approached buUuk about an internship. I found out about the internship from my friend Jurvis, who had previously had an internship with buUuk. Currently, I’m a student at Ngee Ann Polytechnic studying for a Diploma in Information Technology.

What did you work on during your time at buUuk?

I worked mainly on the Android side of things. I helped out with some animations for a client app, worked on a productivity app for one of our clients, and built a couple of libraries for an internal project.

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What do you feel you learnt during your internship?

I hadn’t ever really worked with other people on my own projects; I was usually the only person who ever touched the code. During my internship, I had to ensure my code was of a high enough quality to ensure that my colleagues who I was collaborating with wouldn’t have problems maintaining it in the future. I also had to follow their style of working on the project, such as the arrangement of files etc.

Tell us something challenging that happened during your time at buUuk.

There was a feature in one of the libraries I worked on that required the use of something called the Android NDK. It’s part of Android that runs native code in C. The issue was that I had not ever tried working with NDK or with C before! But I ended up teaching myself on the job and learning as I went, and eventually managed to finish the library.

What advice would you give to future buUuk interns?

Enjoy your time there, go brew coffee and play ping pong 🙂

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Finally, can you sum up your time with us?

I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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