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The Google Play Store, the world’s biggest app store, has a whopping 2.95 million applications as of January 2021. The Apple App Store ranks a close second with a little less than 2 million available apps on the platform. Given that supply is directly proportional to demand, these figures indicate the dependence of the present-day human race on apps. And, we are not the only ones who have arrived at this conclusion!

Governments from around the world have accurately gauged the influence and effectiveness of mobile applications over modernized citizens. Consequently, several progressive global governments have willingly embraced the app culture and invested costs in app development.

Here’s our selection of top successful and innovative government apps across the globe.

1. Hong Kong’s VoiceMap HK


The Hong Kong government came up with a handy app called VoiceMap HK. This free application talks out loud to its users, indicating their whereabouts and what's surrounding them — an element incredibly helpful for people with visual disabilities. The idea is to allow all (including those with visual impairment) to leverage the technological advancements, such as Google Maps.

The app user gets information about nearby shops, public amenities, schools, etc., along with GPS and route planning. Basically, it is a feature-laden app that lets you follow detailed directions by delivering information on distance and orientation for self-guided tours anywhere, anytime.

2. State of Arkansas’ Gov2Go


Arkansas became the USA's first state to deliver local services via a mobile platform — Gov2Go. It has found hundreds of thousands of users to date and connects citizens to government agencies. The app monitors and stores all the significant government interactions and generates insights to take timely action.

The personal assistant for the government, Gov2Go, provides a platform to interact with any level of government agencies. Users can perform property tax payments, voter registration, or renew your expiring car tag with just a few taps. Moreover, citizens can register over Gov2Go for their COVID-19 tests or locate a test location.

3. New Zealand’s Snap Send Solve


New Zealand’s Christchurch Council came up with the brilliant app Snap Send Solve. The app users can report local issues — anything from illegal parking to potholes or dumped rubbish to abandoned cars — in 30 seconds or less.

This citizen-empowerment app is readily available over the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. So, for those of you who wondered where and how to report an incident, this application is the way out. Just use your smartphone’s camera to capture the incident on the spot and upload the issues' images calling for attention. What’s in it for the government? Reduced cost-to-serve, detailed data reports, reports’ consolidation into CRM, etc.

In 2019, city councils around the country received over 45,700 reports, an all-time high since its inception. At present, the app facilities are available in cities across Australia as well.

4. Singapore’s NEA myENV


Singapore’s government is well-committed to its Smart City initiatives. To simplify the citizens’ lives with real-time weather information in the city, it has a comprehensive weather portal called myENV.

Based on advanced mobile tech and furnished with detailed UI specs, the application is an exceedingly functional and innovative take on Singapore's weather by NEA (National Environment Agency, Singapore). It has over 500,000 downloads and ranks high under the weather apps category.

Want heavy rainfall alerts? Looking for hawker centers? Want updates on the latest AQI data? myENV at your service. Download it on your iPhone or Android smartphone, and rest assured with the newest environmental news alerts and notifications at your fingertips..

5. Mid and East Antrim Borough’s Noise App


Once in a while, we have all suffered because of unwanted, loud noises in our neighborhood. The Mid and East Antrim Borough Council has an entire department that deals with such noisemakers and addresses noise complaints. They came up with a thoughtful app called the Noise App (for Android and iOS).

The Noise App is essentially a sound recorder that allows the user to record a noise nuisance as they happen. The authorities can use this to resolve things by showing them the impact of their actions or as evidence against the wrongdoers in the court. Packed with a variety of real-time features, the app allows the officials to access your “noise” diary sheets via a secure website. It enables them to take necessary decisions against repeated defaulters.

6. Milton Keynes’ Parking App


From bus timetables to Council tax and benefits, Milton Keynes’ Council offers a range of digital public services on the go. One such venture of the government is to help motorists with car park sensors. Several other states have adopted this model for parking management, and it seems to significantly support motorists and the governments.

Motorists have to download an app that delivers real-time car park occupancy data. The sensors collect occupancy data, transmit it wirelessly to lamp posts, which forward the information to a central data center. The result? Reduced chaos for parking spots, time-saving, and easy communication of data.

7. The Government of British Columbia’s DriveBC


The British Columbia government decided to provide the travelers with a mobile app — BCHighways — that takes data from DriveBC. The app's objective is to assist drivers with route planning to navigate the province easier and faster. Access anything from major highway events to unsuspected border delays with this app! It even has maps and provides access to highway and traffic webcams data.

Out and out, it has successfully simplified the day-to-day life of drivers in British Columbia with route planning and more.

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